Dr. Fred Moss is a keynote speaker and online educator. He has been featured at various mental health industry events, meetings and conferences including NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness.

His live talks are inspiring, energetic, compassionate, and he offers unique perspectives that extend far beyond the limiting boundaries of traditional mental health models.

Dr. Fred Moss is a licensed Psychiatrist that has served the mental health industry for almost 4 decades. During that time he provided consulting services to patients, practitioners, medical facilities, non-profit organizations, and community groups.

Although his intention was initially to become a psychiatrist to expand on communication as a primary healing tool, this shift in the medical paradigm in the 1980s had physicians prescribing “magic pills” as a primary way of dealing with emotional distress.

The medications, which initially seemed to briefly quell the symptoms, appeared to be exacerbating—even causing—the symptoms they were prescribed to treat.

In 2006, Dr. Fred Moss began taking a new approach with his patients, working with a chosen few to assist in reclaiming their lives from the clenched fists of medication. Over time he saw that those who persisted gradually and reliably improved once they were free of the medication.

Patients frequently reported success stories that opened up a whole new set of questions about the actual definitions of mental illness and mental health and the conversation that are created around those definitions.

It is around these basic principles that Dr. Fred Moss has based his methodology and his work with clients.


“Dr. Fred Moss is a powerful speaker whose unique perspective on mental health has the potential to dramatically improve the well-being of humanity and shift the way society views mental illness for the better."

- Samira Ghassemian, SF Bay Area, CA