Dr. Fred is the doctor the world didn’t know it needed!
— Carmen Wong, Educator of Social and Emotional Learning

Dr. Fred creates powerful and lasting transformations by leveraging nearly 40 years of psychiatric and clinical experience. Over the years, he has helped thousands of people to regain their voice, be heard and courageously embrace their own humanity. His process has the possibility of removing prescriptions, harmful diagnoses and any stigma associated with mental illness via coaching sessions*.


Dr. Fred currently works with:

Individuals (private one to one)
• Couples
• Families
• Communities
• Small Groups
• Organizations
• Healthcare Practitioners

*Coaching Sessions are "mental health coaching" sessions; they are not licensed psychiatry appointments, medical appointments, nor a substitution for medical care. Working with Fred Moss as your coach does NOT establish a doctor-patient relationship of any kind.

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Fred Moss is a rare individual. His methods are powerful and effective. He brings vast background and experiences not only as an MD, but also as an expert in transformational technologies that I don’t know of anyone else in the world who could possibly possess. He delivers his programs with a unique blend of warmth and humor while not stepping over anything that he thinks will make the difference fighting tooth and nail to have you have the life you want. When Fred is in your corner, you know it – it is palpable and prevailing his caring, compassion, confidence, and calmness in the eye of the storm that he has navigated many times with many people - and he takes on this sacred responsibility as if it is his life at stake, and things move. I worked with Fred over a period of a couple months and had breakthroughs in every area of my life: from my marriage to my career to my mental/physical well-being (and even my golf game). He gets to the heart of the matter quickly through impeccable listening and potent dialogue and his own well-honed, innovative techniques of pulling for one to ‘get it’. He knows what each individual needs to get the results guided by an incredible intuition, knowledge base, and experiences serving people from hardened criminals to world-class business persons and thinkers.

Having worked with countless counselors, life coaches, and medical professional along with having read every book and having taken every course I could get my hands on in order to raise my level of well-being, joy and effectiveness in the world, I feel qualified to say that Fred provides an amazing healing experience that delivers outcomes that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.
— R.P. , Client

In the last semester of my senior year in High School, I began to have feelings of sadness and was questioning my own worth. My parents noted the change in my attitude, and, when we spoke, I asked to speak to someone about these feelings. My girlfriend encouraged me to speak with her therapist, but my parents wanted something different for me. My dad is a doctor, and he was generally familiar with standard psychiatry. He was less interested in labeling my emotions than he was in completing what was going. He reached out to Dr. Fred, and they arranged for an initial video meeting over the internet. After that initial meeting, Dr. Fred spoke with Dad, and they decided on beginning with 12 one-hour sessions. Within the first 6 sessions, I had developed the tools to overcome my depression. I went from the considerable low point of thinking about hurting myself to a state of recognizing myself as a wonderful person that has much to contribute. At that point, we could have ended our visits; instead, we decided to keep the remaining 6 sessions and use them to create the possibility of an extraordinarily excellent life. In the next sessions, I created new possibilities for my life that still excite and motivate me today. During our 12 sessions over perhaps 5 months, I went from deep sadness and concern for my future to creating new possibilities for my life that excite me to this day. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Fred! He is an amazing person and a funny guy who has always been there for me no matter what I needed. He was there for me and helped me concur my depression, and he was there to push me to strive for excellence. He opened doors for me that I didn’t even know were there. What I got from Dr. Fred is immeasurable!
— J.R., Client
In the last semester of my son’s senior year in high school, he began to have what he initially called “depression.” I wasn’t certain what was going on with him, and he didn’t feel comfortable talking about what was going on with his mother or me. His girlfriend encouraged him to speak with her therapist, a local counselor with MSW training. His girlfriend had been seeing this therapist for years for her feelings of depression and anxiety, and I believe she wanted to help with what my son was going through. I’m sure her intentions were noble. However, my wife and I wanted something different for our son. I have been a pulmonary and critical care medicine physician for many years now, and I have seen innumerable patients in the hours and days after they attempt to end their lives. I have seen those with depression and other psychiatric diagnoses come repeatedly in and out of my ICU over and over again. I have followed patients in my pulmonary practice who have “struggled” with depression for years with little change in the feelings or outlook. Moreover, when I spoke with my son, I thought he was having some situational changes that were causing him to question himself. Nonetheless, he asked for help, so help he would receive. I became aware of the work Dr. Fred Moss was doing oddly enough through friends outside of the medical community. I looked Dr. Fred up, and we spoke a few times by phone. It was very clear early on that I wanted my son to work with Dr. Fred. I heard in our conversations the possibility of completion – of actually disappearing the issues and concerns leading to my son’s feelings leaving the him with freedom and full expression! I wasn’t looking for a label for my son’s feelings; I wanted him free to create new feelings. Dr. Fred was the ticket!

Dr. Fred is in California, and we are in Mississippi, but the distance wasn’t an issue. My son was all in after his first video session on the interned with Dr. Fred. We initially anticipated 12 one-hour sessions would be needed, but my son was complete with his feelings of depression within the first six sessions. He and Dr. Fred continued to work then, not on the past, but on creating a new future for my son to live into. Having completed the issues in the past that were giving my son the feelings of depression and despair, the creation of a new future became available. I still don’t know what they discussed in their sessions, but something shifted for my son. The gloomy, sad affect disappeared, and my experience of my son became completely different. He was excited about the new things in his life. He was reconnecting with me and my wife, and he even started supporting me with my concerns in my life. He became alive! He began to play guitar again, and he didn’t seem self-conscious about his singing for once. We didn’t get our son “back.” As a result of our son’s sessions with Dr. Fred, he became engaged with his life, creating it on his terms.

Fred Moss has transformed our son’s trajectory! AS it turns out, our son had been thinking vaguely about hurting himself despite his assurance to the contrary. I knew we needed help, and I knew I didn’t want the same old psychiatry. The results have left our son happy and fully engaged in creating a life that turns him on and lights him up. That isn’t diagnosis and treatment in the usual sense getting the right label to get the right pill. Its pure transformation in being, and it was exactly what the doctor ordered.
— M.R., Father of Client (J.R.)
Dr. Moss saved my life! After years of severe traumas resulting in complex PTSD, doctors had “misdiagnosed” me with a series of mental ailments resulting in multiple unsuccessful attempts with medications. When I met Dr. Moss, I had been on two medications that left me foggy headed and with all the painful and unpredictable symptoms of MS, and panic attacks. After a year of MRI’s and CT scans and hours of missed work and never ending mental and physical pain, I met Dr. Moss who was the only one who listened. (And I was seeing world class doctors who’d speak over me.) Dr. Moss finally talked straight talk to me as the adult I am, helped me understand I was in a domestic abuse cycle, thus my initial symptoms were circumstantial and my medication was actually causing all the MS symptoms and panic attacks that were debilitating. Once I was safely off my meds, he helped me see options for my life I simply hadn’t considered because of my self limiting beliefs, pride (didn’t want family to know about abuse) and shame (I’m a gifted mystic energy healer/shaman by descendence and training which is not commonly accepted in American culture.) I was able to create my future and live into it, becoming a professional and highly requested reader in Salem, MA and St. Pete and Sarasota, FL. Clients were requesting I teach them and I began my own practice coaching and healing. I even had acknowledgment from my Catholic Priest of my gifts and he offered to assist me as I love assisting those in hospice to transition. I wasn’t ill, I was just in a realm were I couldn’t fully accept who I was and was punishing myself by staying in abuse. Doctors say I was subjected to Japanese POW torture tactics for three years, and wonder how Dr. Moss undid the most harmful part of it. I just tell them by listening, accepting me, validating, and walking me through to my true self. So actually, Dr. Moss, by saving my life, you’ve saved many many more as my clients and students now accept their gifts and are liberated from abuse. And I often get thank yous for saving their lives. My gifts continue growing as I continue accepting my calling. Thanks from all of us. You’re the pebble that has started the ripples that will change our world even sooner than your goal timeline. Blessings.
— V.D., Client
Dr. Fred is one of a kind! He listens to his patients with true care and support.
— Former Client
Dr. Fred is a straight shooter, out of the box thinking Psychiatrist. He helped my daughter change her view of herself from being ‘bipolar’ to ‘just very disappointed with some things that happened in life, that made her really sad.’ Some people would call that depressed. Now she is inspired about her future, free of the sadness, back on track to resume her life.
— M.S., Mother of Client
When I was 14, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, that’s when I started taking medication. I started working with Dr. Fred when I was 19 and without him I wouldn’t be able to realize that I am responsible for my actions and that what I have is normal. I discovered that there are other ways to deal with it than taking medicine.
— M.C., Client
Thank you for teaching me about myself and more, it was a pleasure working on myself with you.
— Former Client
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We see you as unique, magnificent, and whole.