Evolve Your Mental Health Career

MASTERING TELEHEALTH will help you generate a supplemental or primary stream of revenue in your practice or business.

  1. Transform your working style - Create ease around managing ALL online communications, getting outcomes that simply exceed that which can be expected in face-to-face contacts.

  2. Increase your client base - A capacity to be creative in virtual communication as a tool to advance any and all relationships, including those with clients/patients.

  3. Come up with and build upon new ideas - A network of colleagues exploring, discovering and co-creating effective interactive techniques, so that support is always available and partnerships naturally occur.

Are you overwhelmed with your practice expenses?

Are you tired of the responsibility of having an office?

Have you considered that you could run your practice virtually?

Our online course is designed for mental health and other clincians that are looking to make a change.

Online course content includes the following guidance and tools for Mastering TeleHealth:

  • Live Video Workshops

  • Group Discussions

  • Personalized Coaching


What to Expect from Mastering TeleHealth

From participating in this course, you will:

  • Increase clinical revenue

  • Understand the rapid developments in telehealth and the impact telemedicine will have on the industry in the next 3-5 years

  • Utilize the changes in the industry as tremendous opportunities to distinguish your practice

  • Recognize the discrete differences, challenges, and opportunities in delivering care online

  • Deliver virtual care as efficiently as, or better than, in-person patient visits

  • Determine software and hardware solutions that work best for unique situations

  • Understand the impact of HIPPA on virtual care delivery

  • Understand licensure issues

  • Effectively bill and collect fees

  • Handle prescribing issues

  • Adjust lighting and environment to enhance the patient experience

  • Master techniques to ease patients (and yourself) to appear on camera

  • Fully prepare for first-time virtual care visit with a patient

  • Track performance utilizing video recording technology while maintaining HIPAA compliance

  • Present an economically sound case for incorporating telehealth into an existing practice

  • Secure a telehealth position and generate strategies to acquire more leads

  • Increase income by learning advanced business methods and by working smarter, not harder

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This course is taught by Telepsychiatrist,
Dr. Fred.

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