Dr. Fred is the doctor the world didn’t know it needed!
— Carmen Wong, Educator of Social and Emotional Learning

Dr. Fred creates powerful and lasting transformations by leveraging nearly 40 years of psychiatric and clinical experience. Over the years, he has helped thousands of people to regain their voice, be heard and courageously embrace their own humanity. His process has the possibility of removing prescriptions, harmful diagnoses and any stigma associated with mental illness via coaching sessions*.


Dr. Fred currently works with:

Individuals (private one to one)
• Couples
• Families
• Communities
• Small Groups
• Organizations
• Healthcare Practitioners

*Coaching Sessions are "mental health coaching" sessions; they are not licensed psychiatry appointments, medical appointments, nor a substitution for medical care. Working with Fred Moss as your coach does NOT establish a doctor-patient relationship of any kind.

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Dr. Fred is one of a kind! He listens to his patients with true care and support.
Dr. Fred is a straight shooter, out of the box thinking Psychiatrist. He helped my daughter change her view of herself from being ‘bipolar’ to ‘just very disappointed with some things that happened in life, that made her really sad.’ Some people would call that depressed. Now she is inspired about her future, free of the sadness, back on track to resume her life.
When I was 14, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, that’s when I started taking medication. I started working with Dr. Fred when I was 19 and without him I wouldn’t be able to realize that I am responsible for my actions and that what I have is normal. I discovered that there are other ways to deal with it than taking medicine.
Thank you for teaching me about myself and more, it was a pleasure working on myself with you.
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We see you as unique, magnificent, and whole.